Proposify App How-To: Edit Proposal Settings

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn

You're just on your commute home when you get a message from your client. They need an extension on the deadline in order to make a decision, or they would like to change who the main contact is for this deal. With the Proposify app, we make it easy for you to change your proposal settings on the fly.

Go to the Snapshot

The first step is to enter the proposal's Snapshot page. You can do that by tapping on the proposal from the Recent Activity page (if your proposal is there)


You can also access the Snapshot page by tapping your proposal on the Pipeline page:


Once you're in the Snapshot page you can access your proposal settings by tapping the edit button at the top right: 


This will take you to the Proposal Settings page: 



From here, you can update:

  • The Proposal's name

  • Proposal Due Date

  • The Client Organization

  • The main contact for this client.

  • Attachments (view only, no attachments can be added via the app at this time)

  • The Proposal number

  • The lead assigned to the proposal

Once your changes are made, they'll be updated on the app immediately.