Input Forms - How to Fill Them

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn

You’ve spent hours on content and branding. You’re just about ready to send this proposal to out, but missing some information that will help close the deal quicker. Client Input  forms are your solution. 

With fillable forms, you can insert text boxes and ask a question to your clients. Your clients can then provide answers in those same boxes for you to read. Fantastic, right?

Here are some quick and easy tips about using forms to enhance yours and your clients’ experience.

Inputting Content

Once you’ve found the perfect spot on your proposal for the form boxes, click into the form to start writing your question. Once selected, the right-hand menu will show field properties. You will see the fill box under title. This is where you can make edits and input the your question.  


As long as you have the space for it, you can lay out as many of the form boxes as you need.

Assigning forms to Clients

When you create a fillable form box, you also need to assign it to the signee - exactly like signature boxes or initials. To do this, select a signee from the dropdown in the signatures pane on the right. 



Once the signee is selected, click and drag the input form button. The input form box will be colour-coordinated to each contact, matching their signature and initial boxes. We go for practicality and pretty colours here.

If you have multiple signees - no worries! You can assign different clients in the same proposal to different input forms.

You just need to assign Client A, drag the input form onto the proposal. Click out, and go back into Signatures and Client input and then select Client B.

Note: If you plan on using a ton of input forms and concerned about losing track, fear not, we got you covered. Under the ‘Proposal Details’ section in the right-hand menu, you will see a list of names. This list is of all the signees assigned to your proposal. This includes yourself, you’re also important <3.

Beside their name, you will see a number. For example John Doe X 3. This means my good friend John has three actions to take on this proposal. An action can include signing, initialing or filling out the forms.

Pro Tip - Clicking on the client’s name will make arrows appear (picture). Click either up or down and you will snap to a fillable form, signature box, or initial box.

Pro Tip - You can overlap the Input Form boxes of two different clients over top of each other to avoid a crowded proposal. Clients can only see forms assigned to them… So they’ll never know!

The other options you will see here are clickable boxes for mandatory field, one line only, located under the “title” box.

Form Options: 

Mandatory Fields - If you check the box to make the form mandatory, it will force your client to fill out the form before the deal can be signed. If the box is unchecked, the client is not required to fill that field out.

Allow Multiple Lines - As a default, all content in the form is one long line, without the option to start a second line (perfect for getting one word answers or additional contact info). If you click to allow multiple lines, the form field will act more like a text box. You can resize it and allow for new lines!  

This will allow you to set a width for the fill box. When the entered text goes beyond that width, the answer will continue on a new line. If you are asking for short, one-word answers, you probably don’t need this.



How to view forms 

So, you’ve gone ahead and used the Input Forms and sent it off to your client. Great! Now you may be wondering, ‘how will I even see their answers’?

Once the client completes all of the actions (filling out the forms and signing the document) you will be notified that the Proposal Has been accepted (congrats, you're killing it). You will then be able to find the answers to your questions on the proposals snapshot page. 



Receiving Fillable Forms

It’s always a great idea to know exactly what your proposal will look like from the clients perspective. Input Forms from the client's point of view will only see questions directed to them.

When your proposal is sent, you client will be prompted to fill out the information in the form before signing. 


So if you have a few clients that are signing off on the deal, they will only see the questions and be able to answer the questions that you assign to them. This is great news because this will allow you to stack the fillable boxes on top of each other to save space! No one likes a crowded room.