Creating Tiered Plan Pricing

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Our Pricing Tables are perfect for tiered plan pricing, offering a range of customization options. This allows your Clients to select the package that best suits their needs.


Optional Tables

You can make entire tables optional, which is useful for displaying tiered pricing, especially when there are multiple line items. To do this, create a text box and select inside it as if you were going to type:



Then, add in the Pricing Table:  



By placing the Pricing Table inside the text box, you can adjust the shape and move the table around on the page. 


You're then ready to make the table optional. By clicking on the table, you'll see a gear cog at the top left. When you click on the cog, a small menu will drop down and then you can select 'Make optional':



Now that you have a simple Pricing Table inside of a moveable text box, it's time to set up the plan. You can adjust the header and footer colours and change the fee type all by clicking into the row and selecting the three-dot menu:


After making some necessary design tweaks, you should be left with one ready-to-duplicate table. Duplicating the existing table will speed up the process if you need to create multiple versions:



All that's left of this method is to position the tables as you see fit!


Optional Row

Instead of making the entire table optional, you can skip that step and make just the row optional. This works much the same but may be more visually appealing. Once your table is set up, click on the row to make it an optional fee via the three-dot-menu:



Change the values as needed, and repeat until there's multiple Pricing Tables, sized and positioned to your liking! You can also place the total above or below the tiers using the {total} Variable added in a text box. This clarifies which option the Client has selected, and what they'll pay per month/year/quarter:



You can pre-select a tier so it defaults to chosen when your Client views the Document. Since the fees are set to optional they can uncheck a tier and select another one.