Matching Font Styles To Selected Text

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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NOTE: This article applies to those who have a role with "edit proposal" permissions enabled. Talk to your account admin to have your role updated if you don't see these options. 


When editing text, sometimes you make a small tweak and realize that the change may look good on everything. We’ve added a feature that makes it easier for you to experiment and find the perfect font styling with ease.


After manually changing your text from the top toolbar, your font style will show a star. This lets you know this current style doesn’t match the default settings:  



To set this typestyle as the new default, click the font styles dropdown. Next, hover over the triangle next to the highlighted style and select “update [style] to match”:



This will push the changes for your highlighted style to the default settings. All paragraphs that are using this text style will automatically change to match. 


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’ve changed the font size or colour of text using the top toolbar, that text won't change. If you want that text to match, you can place your cursor in that text and click “clear formatting” at the right of the toolbar:




Looking for some more advanced changes to this type style? Click here to see how to update your font style settings.