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Melissa Gunn
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Selling a proposal without words is a challenge. Unless you’re a master of interpretive dance, you’re going to need some copy to get your ideas across to your clients. Our text tool lets you add copy to your proposal with a few clicks so you can keep the leotard at home.

Text boxes come in two varieties: Free-form and Page Flow

Page Flow text boxes are embedded in every page of a section with page flow. You can't resize or move them, but when your text runs over the margins, a new page is automatically created. These a great for copy-heavy sections, like terms and conditions or service agreements.

Free-form text boxes are added manually to your page. You can move, resize and rotate them to suit your design. They are limited to the dimensions of the page and won’t flow to a new page, though. These are great for sections that aren’t copy-heavy, or for adding section titles.


Adding a text box to your page: 

Adding a page flow text box is as easy as adding a page flow section to your proposal. Click the “+” button found at the top of the left-hand section menu:



From there, name this section and ensure Page Flow is selected: 



Once done, click the green “save” button and we'll add your section with a large text box in the middle of your page.

You can add a free-form text box by clicking the “text” tool from the right-hand toolbar: 




Once clicked, you can click on the page where you would like the text box to appear. If you’d like, you can click and drag instead to set the size from the start. Here’s a quick GIF to illustrate:


Resizing Your Text Box

Page Flow Text Boxes

Page flow text boxes outline the margins set on your page. You can update the page margins by clicking on a page flow text box to select it. From there, click “page settings” from the right-hand contextual menu: 




From the page settings menu, update the page margin using the four fill boxes under “page margins”:




These numbers are the distance (in pixels) from the edge of the proposal’s page. Looking for precise measurements? You can find your page’s dimensions by clicking here

IMPORTANT NOTE: This will update all page flow text boxes to match these dimensions. It's best to use a free-form text box if you need some individuality in this copy.

Once you’ve updated your margins to your needs, click the green “save page setup” button to go back to the editor.

Want to learn more about page settings? Click here to read all about it.


Free-form text boxes

There are a couple of ways to resize a free-form text box, depending on how precise you need to be. 

The “quick and easy” method is to select your text box by clicking on it. Once selected, click and drag one of the corners to resize the text box:




Need more precision? Once you select a text box, the right-hand contextual menu will change to “text box properties”. Here, you can set dimensions down to the pixel:  


Having some difficulty? Looking for a specific answer, or would like to make a feature request? Click here to reach out to our support team!