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Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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You’ve created a free-form text box and added text to it. That’s awesome, but there’s so much more you can do to make this text stand out. We have a bunch of features for free-form text boxes that can make this proposal stand out. They’re all located in textbox properties. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This box is only available for free-form text boxes. Free-form text boxes are text boxes that are moveable and not embedded into a page flow fee table. You can find out more here.

To reach your text box properties, click on the free-form text box you’d like to edit. This will change the right-hand contextual menu to textbox properties: 




Width and Height: These are the dimensions of this text box, in pixels. If you need a precise size for your copy, this is the best place to go.

Background: This sets the background colour for this textbox. By default, there’s no colour (not like “white” but like the colour of glass). Click the eyedrop button to change the colour. Once clicked, the colour picker tool will appear. Here, you can customize the background colour by clicking on your choice, or by entering a hex code.

Corners: this will set how rounded the background's corners are. The highest it can go is 100. If your text box is a square, then a 100 corner setting will make your text box’s background a circle. 

Rotate: This lets you set the angle of your text box, based on a 360-degree angle. Looking to make your text vertical? Set it to 90 or 270 degrees. Need it upside down? Set it to 180. 

Opacity: Opacity sets how “see through” you want your text and background. 100% is completely solid, while 0% means your text is so invisible you can’t even highlight it.

Border: This sets a border around your background shape. You can use the colour tool to change the colour of the border and set the pixel width of the border from the “size” menu. This option works with the corners option.

Padding: Padding allows you to set a pixel-size of spacing between the text and the text box’s border.

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