Folders - Waterfall Permissions

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn

When working with our folders permissions feature, you may notice an option for Waterfall permissions. This usually leads to some questions; namely “what is waterfall?”, “why is waterfall?”, “should I go chasing waterfalls?”, and so on. Here’s the skinny:

Waterfall permissions is a feature in folders that allows you to automatically set permissions for every item within a folder. This includes the items in subfolders, sub-subfolders, sub-sub-subfolders, you get the idea.

By default, this setting is off, but you can apply it to a top-level folder at any time by clicking the three-dot menu next to a folder, then selecting "permissions":


When you set a folder to "waterfall on", you’ll receive additional permission settings in the folder, under "assign to workspaces": 



These permission settings will be assigned to every piece of content within this folder. 

Once a waterfall permission is set to a folder, an icon will appear to the left of the folder's name:




If “Waterfall” is set to off, then you can over-ride the default permissions for individual items within the content library by selecting “permissions” from the content itself:




Good Uses for Waterfall Permissions

  • Content that only one team will need (particular services, about us sections, branded content, etc)

  • Work cases where you’d rather throw content in a folder and have permissions automatically set, rather than individually managing them.

  • Franchises with multiple ranks within a single workspace (franchise owner, manager, sales team)

Good Uses for Non-Waterfall Permissions

  • Cases where you want a folder for one item (section, fee, etc), but with multiple variants depending on the workspace

  • When you want a more granular approach to managing content in your library.

  • If you don't need to really worry about permissions at all 

You can find more about how roles and permissions work by clicking here