Sharing Your Document

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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You've created your Document and are finally ready to send it off to your prospective client(s), but did you know there are two ways you can share it?

You can send the email from our built-in share page. or you can copy the Document link to send outside of Proposify using your own email.

Share Page

Sharing From Inside the Editor

When inside the Document editor, you'll see a green 'Share' button in the top right. Clicking on this will take you to the Share page, letting you modify the email you're about to send.


Sharing From the Snapshot

You can also share your Document from within the snapshot, via the green 'Send' button:


After clicking on 'Share' from inside of the editor, or 'Send' from the snapshot, you'll be guided to the share document page:


To, From and Subject

Based on the client selected in the beginning, we populate the 'To' field automatically but there is a small dropdown if you need to add another. If the contact isn't currently listed, you can click on the 'To' line to manually type in their email address. You're also able to add contacts as a CC and BCC.


Email Template Dropdown

Below the 'To' and 'From' fields, you can update the 'Subject' line and below that: email templates. You can select the best template for the Document in the 'Email Templates' dropdown menu.

Once you select a template, you can update any wording as needed or bold words, and even add in a link.

If you don't have any email templates set up, you can type freely in the body of the email.


Note: the default email template will be the first one to load when you visit the Share page.

Auto Expire

We've added a new feature called Auto Expire. You're able to set an automatic expiry date for your Documents, so if a prospective client tries to open and view the Document past the date, they'll need to contact the Document assignee for permission.

If you have time-sensitive pricing - auto expiry is the perfect solution to ensure your clients only see the pricing in the designated time window.


If you're interested in learning more about this feature, check out the auto expiry article.

Send Email

Now that your email is ready, you're ready to send it. Once you select the green 'Send Email' button at the bottom, your cursor will change and an animation will play as it processes. Once the email has been sent, a small pop-up below the Send Email button will let you know the send has been successful.


Immediately after, the page will load to the snapshot page, where you can confirm it's been sent in the activity feed:


Send Using Document Link

Another way to share your Document with prospective clients is to copy the Document link, and paste it into an email to then be sent outside of Proposify.

The link is at the bottom of the share page, and once you select the 'Copy link' button, a small pop-up will show to confirm the link has been copied:


If you choose to copy the link to send outside of Proposify, be sure to check the toggle next to the 'Copy link' button - this is an important step. Your Document will move into the 'Sent' status on the pipeline and snapshot when toggled on. If you choose to not toggle this, the Document will remain in the 'Draft' status.

Below is a GIF of the process:


Note: Proposify cannot automatically move the Document into a different status if the document link is copied and sent outside of Proposify, so be sure to set the status after copying the link.