Manually Changing Document Status

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Sometimes, sending your client a document email using Proposify's delivery system just isn't an option. Maybe they'd rather receive a PDF file, or maybe they have very specific submission guidelines. In cases like these, when you use an alternate delivery method to send your document to your client, your document will remain in Draft status.

Fortunately, there's a simple process for manually changing the status of your document:


Simply click the document in question in the Pipeline to open its Document Snapshot:



Then change the document's status by expanding the Mark as dropdown menu at the top of the page and select an option from the list: 



Heads-up!: Your prospect will not receive an automated Thank You email if you manually mark your document as Won. If this is something you need, you must go through the regular channels and send your document using Proposify's automated system.


Heads-up!: If you change the status of your document to Won or Lost, you will lock it down and will be unable to make changes until it's reverted to Draft Status.

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