Tagging Your Content

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Looking to make things in your library more easy to sift through? Tagging is a great way to apply filters to your overflowing content library, allowing you to see only what you need to get that deal from "drafts" to "won".

Adding Tags

Tagging proposals

You can add tags to your proposal from the proposal settings page. If you're in the proposal's snapshot, you can get to the proposal settings page by clicking the "edit" button at the top of the "settings" column:


If you are in the editor, you can pull out the proposal's options by clicking the same button at the top of the right-hand menu: 


No matter which way you get to the settings page, the process is the same: click on the "show all options" toggle to reveal additional settings. From there, you can click the "click to add a tag" link to enter a new tag, as well as review tags already in the proposal: 



Tagging sections

You can add a tag to your section by hovering over it and clicking the "edit section" button that appears in the middle of it: 




Once you're in the section editor, you can add a tag from the menu located on the right hand side: 




Click the "add a tag" link and enter the name of the tag you would like to add. Existing tags will automatically appear as a suggestion while typing the field.



If you're creating a tag, type it in and press enter. From there, the completed tags will appear above the "click to add a tag" link.

Tagging fees

You can add a tag to your fees from the fee library: 



Once in your fee library, click on the fee you would like to tag: 




From there, a list of tags for this fee will be shown, as well as the ability to add more by clicking the "click to add a tag" link: 



Tagging snippets

To add a tag to your snippets, enter the snippets tab of the section library: 




From there, click on the snippet you would like to tag. An options pop-up will appear, allowing you to add a tag at the bottom of the snippets options menu: 



Tagging images

To tag an image, click the image tab in the content library: 




From there, hover over the image you would like to tag and click the "manage tags" icon: 




A pop-up will appear showing currently used tags, and the option to add more by clicking the "click to add tag" link: