Importing Fees From the Pricing Library

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Tired of manually entering your fees from scratch? Learn how to efficiently import your saved fees into your pricing tables.

You've taken the time to fill out your Pricing Library, and now you'd like to add your saved pricing to a new document. Quickly add a complete list of fees to any table by importing them directly from the Pricing Library.

In a rush? Here’s what this article covers:

Opening the Pricing Library

To start the fee import process, you must open the Editor’s Pricing Library. There are two ways you can go about this:

From the Table Properties menu

Open the Table Properties menu by clicking a row in the table where you want to import your pricing. Your fees will import into your table directly below this row.

Then, open the Pricing Library by clicking Open Pricing Library:

From the row options menu

Open the Row Options menu by clicking on a row in your table and then click + either above or below the selected row:

Your fees will import above or below this row respectively.

Next, expand the Select Fee Type dropdown menu and then click Import fees at the bottom of the list:


Once clicked, the Pricing Library will appear on the right of the Editor:

Selecting Your Fees

Next, choose the pricing you want to add to your table by selecting the checkbox to the left of the item in the list. This will add them to the Selected for Import pane at the bottom of the Pricing Library:

Exiting the Pricing Library will cancel your selection. This includes clicking anywhere in the Editor outside of your table or Pricing Library.

Finding Your Fees

You can find your uncategorized fees in an alphabetized list when you open the Pricing Library. If you’ve organized pricings into folders, however, you can access them by double-clicking a folder under the search bar. Return to your main library folder or any higher-level folder by selecting a link in the navigation under the search bar:

You can also refine your search by using the search bar. Enter the name, description, tags, or price associated with the pricing(s) you are searching for and press Enter to display your search results:

To clear your search results, delete your search query from the search bar and press Enter, or click X at the right of your search query.

Managing Your Fee Selection

By expanding the collapsible pane at the bottom of the Pricing Library, you can view, rearrange, or remove your pricings before importing them:

To rearrange, just drag and drop your line items until they are arranged according to how you want them to appear in your table:

You can also remove items from the list one at a time by clicking Delete on the right of the pricing item, or by clearing the checkbox next to the item from the fee list:

To remove your entire fee selection and start over, click Clear list at the bottom of the pane:


Be careful with how many fees you're adding to a table if it's stand-alone. It could run over the page. If you added the table to a page flow textbox, we'll create a new page from the run-off.

Adding Fees to Your Table

When you are ready, click Add to Table and your fees will be added to your table in the order they appear, starting below the row you selected at the beginning:


If your fee table is in a page flow text box, then your fees will automatically flow to a new page when you run out of space.

You can edit your fees in the table after you’ve imported them, but any changes you make will not affect the copy saved to your Pricing Library. To learn how to make your changes permanent, check out our article on Adding Fees to the Fee Library.