Converting Your Tables

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Take advantage of our powerful new tables by learning how to seamlessly convert your old tables into them.

Displaying your pricing with our new pricing tables is easy, but what about converting your old pricing tables? We’ve developed a hassle-free solution for switching your old data to the new pricing tables to avoid time-consuming, error-prone manual transfer by copy/paste.

Save time, avoid user error, and keep your formatting, styling, and pricing intact by using our simple, intuitive, table conversion tool to transform all your old tables into the new version.

Converting Your Old Tables

To avoid incompatibility issues and maximize the benefits of the new pricing tables, we highly recommend that you convert ALL the old pricing tables in your account into the new ones.

 To quickly convert your old tables throughout your entire account, start with your templates. All documents made from your templates will update their tables accordingly.

 Start the conversion process using either of the following two methods:

From the table message overlay

After the update, when you open a document or template in the Editor, you will see a new message displayed on your old pricing tables:

To open a new window where you can start the conversion process, click Convert Now.

 If you want to keep your old pricing tables as-is and convert them in a later session, click No, thanks. I’ll try later. This will remove the message until the next time you log in to your account.

From the Fee Table Properties menu

If you removed the message by clicking No, thanks. I’ll try later, there is an alternate method you can use to convert your tables:

To do this, expand the Fee Table Properties menu on the right of the editor by selecting an old table. Next, open the conversion window by clicking Convert Table:


Here, confirm that you want to go through with the conversion by clicking Let’s Go! or wait until later by clicking Not Yet instead.

Performing this action will convert ALL of the tables in your current document or template.

 Wait a few seconds and you are done! All your document’s old tables have now been converted into the new tables. 

 If you have many tables and fees, this might take up to 30s, so please be patient and do not exit or refresh the page during this time.

 To return to the editor and continue building that winning sales document, click Back to the Editor:

Did anything unexpected happen following your table conversion? Please let us know by contacting our customer support team at

Undoing the Table Conversion

Reverting one section at a time with the section revision history menu

Converting your tables creates a new entry in your section version history, enabling you to revert your tables back to the old version at any time.

To do this, first open the section’s Revision History by expanding the three-dot menu on the section containing your converted table, then click Revision:

Then revert this section’s tables to the old version by clicking on the entry that indicates when you made the conversion (if you just performed the conversion, it should be located at the top of the list):

And you’re done! After reverting your tables, the table's message overlay will reappear.

Reverting all your tables at once with the Undo Command

You can also revert all your tables by pressing ctrl+z (PC) or cmd+z (Mac) on your keyboard. This won’t work after you log out or if you make further changes to your document.