Adopting the New Pricing Tables: Best Practices

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Here’s couple tips and tricks to get the new pricing tables up-and-running throughout your entire account ASAP.

If you’ve already tested out the new pricing tables, you’ve likely realized that the new system is the Renaissance to the legacy system’s Dark Age. Now, the next step is to move away from old traditions and embrace modernity by adopting the new pricing tables throughout your Pipeline. To this end, we are going to cover a few tips and tricks to show you how to get them up and running in all your current and future sales documents as quickly and effectively as possible.

Convert Your Templates

The best way to quickly adopt the new pricing tables across your entire account is to convert your saved templates. Updating your templates induces a domino effect: all documents using the updated templates will change to match. This works the same when converting tables: all documents built using a converted template will also use the new pricing tables. In this way, you can convert groups of documents at once instead of one at a time.


Following the steps detailed in this article requires your account to have:

  • Permission to add/edit/delete sections

  • Permission to add/edit/delete templates

You can only update templates accessible by your account. If you can only view your workspace’s templates, then those are the only ones you can update. For this reason, we recommend your account Admin performs these steps.

Option 1: Convert Your Templates' Pricing Table Sections One-by-One

With this method, open your Templates one at a time and use the Pricing Table conversion tool to convert your pricing table section

Click Templates in the Navigation menu to open the Template Gallery:

Click the template you want to convert and then click Edit Template to open it in the Editor:

Convert the template’s pricing tables with the conversion tool:

If you need a more detailed explanation regarding how to use the conversion tool, check out our Converting Your Tables article.

Then repeat for your templates. Once you’ve converted all your templates, that’s it! You’ve now upgraded your entire account with the new, improved pricing tables.

Option 2: Using the Section Library

If you prefer using the Section Library to build your sales documents, you can instead create separate, converted pricing sections and swap them into your templates. This method is especially useful if you use the same pricing sections across multiple templates.

Before you continue, ensure you’ve saved your pricing tables as sections in the Section Library. For more details regarding how to do this, check out our Updating Sections in Your Templates article

Building temporary pricing table sections

For this method, start by building a temporary template to load all your pricing sections.

To do this, go back to the Template Gallery by clicking Templates on the left-hand navigation menu:

Create a new, temporary template by clicking +Template to the right of the search bar:

Upload all your pricing table sections into the new template by dragging them from the Section Library:

Then convert them with the pricing tables conversion tool:

Then save your newly converted pricing table sections to the Section Library by expanding the three-dot menu next to the section and click Save to Library:

Making the Swap

Next, open each template one-by-one and swap out the old pricing sections for the new, converted ones.

In the Template Library, click the template you want to change and then click Edit Template to open it in the Editor:

Click + next to Sections and upload all your pricing table sections into the new template by dragging them from the Section Library:

If the template contains old pricing table sections, delete them by expanding the three-dot menu and click Delete:

Swap your converted pricing sections into the rest of your templates and your account will be fully upgraded with the new pricing tables!

Additional steps for the wary:

If you want to be extra-sure that you’ve converted your templates, update your converted pricing table sections with the Section Editor once you’ve added them to all your templates.

Open the Section Library by Clicking Sections in the Content Library:

Next, open your converted pricing table section in the Section Editor by hovering over it with your cursor and click Edit Section:

From here, update all the templates containing this pricing section by clicking Apply to Templates in the right-hand Section Details menu:

Repeat for all of your remaining converted pricing table sections.