Recovering a Lost Snippet

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Looking to save time typing by using snippets, but can't seem to find the one you're looking for? Don't Panic! Here's how to restore that snippet from another proposal or template.

Step 1: Locate a proposal or template that used that snippet

You can locate the proposal either from your Pipeline or Archives:


If the proposal is archived, lost, or won, you'll need to make a duplicate of it.

You can make a duplicate of a won proposal by selecting the three-dot menu to the right → select duplicate:


To make a duplicate of an archived proposal, enter the Snapshot and select duplicate at the top right of the page:


Once this is done, you'll find the duplicate in your Drafts queue.

Step 2: Enter the Editor

Once you've located the proposal in the Pipeline, hover over it and select edit:


This will take you to the proposal's Editor. You can also select the proposal and enter the Editor from the proposal's Snapshot page


Step 3: Highlight the Snippet Text

Locate the snippet text. Click inside of the text box containing the text. A blinking cursor will appear. From there, click and drag (or press shift+arrow keys) to highlight what you would like to save:


From there, select snippets - it is found under the Text Box Properties Menu:


This will bring up the Snippets Menu. Name your snippet using the form field in the yellow box and select the green create snippet when you’re ready to save


The snippet will be saved, including all text formatting, for future use in your proposals.