Custom Domains - Adding SSL

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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It's here! Here's a guide for existing customers who have a branded URL and are looking to add a little extra security to their proposals.

It's a sad fact that the internet isn't only full of useful information and cute cat videos. It's a dark and dangerous place full of snoopers, skimmers, and trolls (oh my!). SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a secure connection between your browser and a server. This connection allows your browser to communicate with the server with privacy. If you're looking to collect or share private information, then SSL is an important first step.

At Proposify, we use SSL in our app, as well as for any proposal link using the " " domain. For a long time, though, we weren't able to offer this option to our branded domains. After some extensive R&D, we've found a way to add this to branded domains too. Now you don't have to choose between privacy and having your company in the spotlight. You can have both! 

If you already have a branded domain enabled, the process is simple. 

Step one: go to your DNS provider and find your CNAME record:

Once found, click to edit it (this may vary depending on your provider).

Step two: change the "points to" field from "" to " ", then save the change.

Step three: have a coffee! You're all done. It may take some time, but we'll take care of the security stuff in the background. 

Now all your proposals will include SSL; allowing you to share and collect info privately.