Make A Template

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Templates are the skeleton of your sales documents. Use templates to build the basic structure, design options, and layout for your sell sheets, presentations, contracts, and proposals. When you generate a proposal from this template, you can make changes that suit your individual prospect without affecting the template.

Your Templates are located in your Template Library. You should have a pre-baked one already made for you. Create a new template by selecting +Template found at the right of the search bar.

Select Edit Template over a template to enter the editor. You can also use the three-dot menu above the template to:

  • Duplicate

  • Delete

  • Share with another account

Select the bookmark to set this template as your default. This sets the style and formatting options while working in the Section Editor.

Once in the Template Editor, select the notepad next to Template Details to customize this document’s preview settings, change the currency, or change its name.

Select Edit Styles and Formatting to change

  • Text styles

  • Table formatting

  • Page orientation, size, and page flow text margins