Table Types

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Proposify has two kinds of tables: Content Tables and Pricing Tables.

You can find both of them from the right-hand toolbar, under Table and Add Pricing Table.


Content Tables

Content tables are standard tables with borders and columns. It’s a great tool for adding some structure to break down complicated lists.

To create a content table, select Table on the right-hand toolbar, then use the grid to select how many rows/columns you’ll need to start, then select Insert Content Table. No need to worry about getting the row/column count perfect at first, since you can add and delete rows later on!

Here's what that looks like: 


Pricing Tables

Pricing tables are the content tables' glitzier, more talented cousin. Pricing tables calculate the value of each line item, including:

  • Discounts

  • Taxes

  • Item quantities (can be made editable by your prospect)

  • Line items (can be made optional)

These will calculate to make a total, which updates your document’s value and {total} variables.

To add a pricing table, select Add a Pricing Table on the right-hand toolbar, and Add Pricing Table from the menu.

Here's what that looks like: