Change Your Invoice Email

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn

Looking to send your Proposify invoices to another person? Here's how!

Even though you’ve signed up for Proposify, you may not be the best person to receive these emails. Your inbox can pile up and your invoices may get lost among the other items on your list. Here’s how you can send those invoice emails to the person who needs them, without having to be the middle person. Added bonus: the person receiving those emails doesn’t need a Proposify account.

Click the “settings” button from the left-hand menu to access account settings: 

From the account settings page, select “billing”:

Your billing page will show your current plan. This includes what features you have, your seat count, and a brief overview of your last 6 invoices. Click the “view all” button to see the complete list:

From the “invoices” page, you can update the email address for your invoices using the fill box at the top of the page. Click on the “edit” icon to edit the email address:

Once you’ve filled it out, hit “confirm” and you’re all done! Your future invoices will go to that address.