View Your Invoices

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn

A quick guide on how to view and download your previous invoices within Proposify.

Your accounting team is looking for a proposify invoice, but the email has vanished. Here’s how to find and download your invoice before accounts payable sends the hired goons after you. 

Click the “settings” button from the left-hand menu to access account settings: 

From the account settings page, select “billing”:

Your billing page will show your current plan. This includes what features you have, your seat count, and a brief overview of your last 6 invoices. Click the “view all” button to see the complete list:

Once you’ve found the missing invoice, you can click the PDF icon on the right to download a copy of it to your hard drive:

Once you’ve clicked that link, the invoice will appear in your downloads folder (depending on your settings).