Add Seats To Your Plan

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn

Congrats! Your business is expanding, and your sales team can expand to help you grow faster.  Now you need to give your new staff access to your favourite sales tool. We make it super-easy to expand your seats within Proposify, allowing your account to grow so you can make more sales so your business can grow so your staff can grow so you can grow your account so you can make more sales...

To add seats to your plan, click the “settings” button from the left-hand menu:  

From the account settings page, select “billing”:

Your billing page will show your current plan. This includes the features you have, and if you scroll down further, your current seat count. Click on “manage seats” to update :

From the “manage seats” page, you’ll have the option to choose how many seats you would like to add from the drop-down:

Use the drop-down to select the number of seats you would like to buy. The receipt at the bottom will update to show the new pricing. 

When you’re ready, click “update”. A message box will appear asking to confirm your choice. Once you click “yes, proceed”, your invoice will update and you’ll have seats ready to go! 

If you’d prefer to add seats as you go, you can simply invite a user. To invite a user, click the “users” button from the left-hand menu: 

From the users menu, click the “invite new user” button found at the top right of the page:

If you don’t have the seats available, you’ll receive a warning in yellow that says this will affect your bill:

You’ll also receive a confirmation when you click “invite user” showing when you will be billed and for how much.  

Click “yes, proceed” and you’ve got a seat added!