Do you support glyphs and special characters?

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Can’t see your glyph? No to worry, you’re not alone!

Google fonts is a wonderful treasure trove of font options, available at your fingertips. These fonts are specifically made to look beautiful across multiple browsers in almost every country.

At Proposify, we love it so much that we use it exclusively!

Sometimes you may find that your chosen font does not display the glyphs you need for your native language. This is due to the design of the font. Some fonts have not been created with your glyphs in mind.

But we have a solution!

Noto is a Google Font available in both a Serif and San Serif. The best part? It’s available in over 800 languages! With new languages being added every, single day. So when in doubt choose Noto!