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Melissa Gunn
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Zoho Fast Facts

  • The total value of the Document will override the deal value in Zoho.
  • Contacts imported from Zoho will need to have a first name, last name and email address. The company will also import along with the contact.
  • Information that will push from Proposify into Zoho on creation: 
    - Document name -> deal name
    - Client and company name
    - Deal value -> amount
    - Due date -> close date
  • As the Document moves stages (draft, sent, won, lost), the deal stage also progresses.
    - Document progress is specified in the deal notes
  • When a Document has been signed, a PDF will generate and can be found in the 'Attachments' section on the deal. 

Integration Setup

To integrate with Zoho, select the Integrations tab on the left:



From the integration marketplace page, scroll down to the Zoho card and select it or click 'Learn More':



On the Zoho page, select the green 'log in to Zoho CRM' button:



After you select the account to log in with, ensure you accept the terms to complete the connection:



That's it - you're now connected:



Once connected, you can set up the proposal journey as it moves through the sales process via the dropdown menus on the Zoho integration page.


You can also select the ability to create a new deal in Zoho as you create a new Document in Proposify, or you can link the Document to an existing deal:



Note: If you don't see the deal you wish to use in the dropdown menu, you can search by typing in the deal name. Sometimes it may take a few moments for them to populate based on how many deals you have available.


After the proposal has been created, you can follow the progress right in Zoho and access the Document in Proposify with just one click.


Once the Document has been Won in Proposify, you can see the Document value and download the PDF in Zoho:




Zoho & Streams

If you have Streams, you can choose which Streams will automatically create a new deal or opportunity when a new Document is added to that Stream: