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Stripe helps Proposify provide a seamless payment experience for you and your customers.

You’ve submitted your Document and got the sign-off you needed. Now comes the next big step: getting paid. Rather than hunt down your client to collect the down payment, you can link Proposify to Stripe. This allows your prospect to make a payment via credit card the moment they accept the Document.

HEADS UP: The Proposify Support team are experts at Proposify. Since we don't have an inside view of Stripe, we aren't the best resources for Stripe-related issues. If you’re looking for troubleshooting on Stripe’s end, they have an excellent knowledge base here.


How Stripe Works In Proposify

When you link Stripe to Proposify, you can set a percentage to collect based on the Document total. Once your client accepts, it will trigger and direct your customer to the payment gateway:


HEADS UP: Your prospect will see this message if they are the last person to add a signature to the sales Document. If your prospect wasn’t the last person to sign, they’ll receive an email requesting to make payment.


When your client selects make payment, Stripe’s payment gateway will appear:


Stripe takes protecting your client’s payment information very seriously, and secure this page with a 128-bit SSL encryption.

Once your client adds their credit card info and selects pay $x.xx, Stripe will collect payment.


Link Your Stripe Account To Proposify

To integrate your Proposify account with Stripe, select integrations from the navigation menu:


Then select Stripe:


This will take you to the Stripe Integration page. Select log in to stripe:


If you are new to Stripe:

Enter your company details on this page to create your Stripe account. Once entered, select authorize access to this account found below:


If you already have a Stripe account:

You can skip this and select sign in at the top right of the page:


Next, enter your login credentials and authorize the link between Proposify and Stripe.

Once you link your Stripe and Proposify accounts, we’ll take you back to the Stripe Settings page:


From here, you can set some defaults for how Stripe interacts with your Proposify account.


Set Stripe Defaults

From Stripe Settings, choose the default options for Stripe for new sales Documents.

If you enable the checkbox next to Allow Stripe payments on all new Documents, every new Document will include Stripe.

You’ll also be able to input the default amount to collect for all new sales Documents, from 0-100%.

You can change both of these settings for each Document in Document Settings. This only sets your default options.

If you change these settings, the new settings will take effect for all new Documents created. Existing docs will keep their old settings.


Adding Stripe In Document Settings

Once in Document Settings, scroll down to allow Stripe payments on this Document:


If enabled, the Stripe payment gateway will appear once your client approves or signs. You can also set how much of the Document total to collect, from 1-100%.


Recurring Payments

Proposify's integration with Stripe does not support recurring payments at this time. If you need recurring payments, you'll need to collect payment details separately.