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How to connect your Pipedrive account with Proposify

Connect Your Pipedrive Account

To get started, log into your account as the account owner and enter account integrations. In the integration list, select Pipedrive:



When in Pipedrive Settings it will ask you for your API key. You can find your API key In Pipedrive Settings -> Personal Preferences -> API:



From there, return to Proposify and paste the API token field. Once done, click Connect to Pipedrive:


Once connected, you'll be able to customize your Pipedrive integration.


Customize your Pipedrive integration




Map Stages

Proposify Documents can automatically move a linked Pipedrive deal to a new stage in your sales cycle as the Document is created and sent.

To map this stage, expand the dropdown menu for When I create a proposal, put it in: or When I send a send a proposal, put it in:. From there, select the stage you would like the deal to be moved to.

If you do not want the deal to move at all, choose the stage where the Document should remain and set that stage for both creation and send.


Automatically create a new deal

By default, we will not automatically create a new Pipedrive deal when you create a new Proposify sales Document.

If you would like to change it to create a deal by default, select the checkbox next to each stage. When selected, those stages will default to create a new deal.

If you'd prefer the default to remain don't create/link a deal, you can leave those checkboxes cleared.

HEADS UP: Stages only update in Pipedrive when creating a new deal. If linking to an existing deal, you'll need to update the Pipedrive stage manually.


Create or Link a Pipedrive deal to a Proposify Document

From the Document Settings, navigate to the connect Document to Pipedrive option:



From this dropdown menu, you can choose three options: 

  • Create a new deal - This will create a brand new deal in Pipedrive, pushing the Document name, due date, client details, and lead to your deal. 

  • Link to an existing deal - Choose the deal you would like to link this Document to. Once linked, we'll update the deal to the settings found in this page. 

  • Don't create/link a deal - Use this option if you don't want this Document linked to Pipedrive at all.

When you create a new Document in Proposify, you can assign a team member to the Document. If that team member exists in Pipedrive, it will assign that same user to the deal in Pipedrive.

When your client views your Document in Proposify and you both leave comments, they appear in the deal as notes.

Importing contacts from Pipedrive:

For instructions on how to import your contacts from any integration (including Pipedrive), click here.

HEADS UP: When importing a contact via Pipedrive, we'll only pull the first name, last name, and email address of the contact. Other details will remain in Pipedrive.