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Gong is the #1 revenue intelligence platform for B2B sales teams. It helps you close more deals by shining the light on your team’s sales conversations. It records, transcribes, and analyzes all sales event so you can drive sales effectiveness across your entire team.

Now the power of Gong can be weld by Proposify users! When a client sets up our integration they will immediately begin seeing proposal-related actions appear on their Gong Deals timeline. These actions are visible along with sales calls, emails and other events, as interaction bubbles in Gong.



How Do Gong and Proposify Work Together

In Gong, events related to the sales cycle are recorded as bubbles on a timeline. There are 2 different colours to represent events. The size of the dot indicates a higher or lower frequency of the particular event within a pre-determined time.

When Proposify records a sent document, it appears on the timeline as a purple bubble. When that document is viewed by a client it appears as a pink bubble.


Each of these timelines can be expanded by clicking on them. There you will see a more detailed view of the events that occurred on that timeline.

By clicking on one of these boxes, even more detail can be exposed about the individual action.


What Does it Look Like?

In Proposify this user is currently integrated with Gong.


In Proposify the user selects a Proposal and sends it to a client.


The sent action appears in the Gong timeline, as well as information related to the event in the Activity feed.


The client views the sent Proposal. The view action appears in the Gong timeline, as well as information related to the event in the Activity feed


How to Connect

As a Gong admin user, the first step is to go to the Proposify Integrations page. Ensure that you are either integrated with HubSpot or Salesforce. It does not have to be both, but it must be one. When that’s complete go ahead and click on the Gong logo.


When in the Gong Integration page, simply click on ‘Connect to Gong’


Gong will need you to agree to Proposify using your data. There is only a one way traverse of data and that detail is listed under the ‘following operations’. To continue, press ‘Allow’.

You are now connected and should be able to start seeing your Proposify activity in Gong!