Zapier - FAQs

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Some quick answers to some of our most-asked questions with everyone's favourite automation tool, Zapier!


Q: Can I send a Document through Zapier?

A: We don’t allow automatically sending Documents from Zapier. We do this to prevent spammers from abusing our send service and to allow our users more time to create a tailored experience for their clients. Cold emails can be good, but they’re no replacement for a fully qualified lead for boosting your close rate. 


Q: Can I create a Document from a specific Template using Zapier?

A: You can, but the goal of Proposify is to allow our users to quickly create beautiful, customized Documents with elements (Sections, fees, etc) tailored to your client. This isn’t something that can be easily automated. You can, however, customize the Document after it has been created by Zapier.


Q: Why is there someone else's sample text in my test phase?

A: To ensure the privacy of you, your client and prevent breaches in case something goes wrong, we do not show actual account information in Zapier’s samples page. Click “Continue” to continue to the Action stage and finish the action in the app you’re looking to connect.


Q: Can I use my sweet coding skills to create a Zapier Zap?

A: You sure can! Just note that we can only support Zaps that were set up by our sweet coders, though, so use at your own risk.


Q: I'm making a "create Document" Zap, where do I find the User ID?

A: You can find your user ID by going to your profile page:


Your User ID is the last few digits in your address bar: 

You can find the ID of your colleagues by going to their profile page and taking their number. You may need to enable the “use custom value” option in this section in order to make it work.