HubSpot - Using Proposify Within HubSpot

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Looking to keep your tab list down? Here's a guide on how to work on Proposify Documents within HubSpot.

Do you work in HubSpot like a fish works in water? Do you look at your tabs and wonder how you managed to fit the entire internet in one browser? Proposify’s integration with HubSpot allows you to cut out one extra tab in your browser to create, send, sign, and track your Proposify Document directly from the HubSpot deal.

Check out this video for more information on Proposify x HubSpot!

Once your integration is set up and you create a deal, a new card will show up in your HubSpot Deal:


(You may have to scroll down a bit, but once it’s found you can drag the card further up by click/dragging the top left corner of the card.)


Creating Your Document in HubSpot

Click Create Proposal. This will open the Document Editor, letting you choose a Template and verify your Document settings.


We’ll do most of the work of filling out your settings based on the information you’ve already inserted into the deal. You can edit those details if needed, as well as add attachments or any custom variables you need.



When you’re ready, click Create:


This will take you to the Document Editor. You’ll have all of the same tools as if you were working from Proposify.


Add sections, tweak your text, update your fees to outline this prospect’s scope of work. Once you’re done, click Exit at the top of the page:


The card in HubSpot will automatically update with Document details, including:

  • Document creation date

  • Document status (draft, send, viewed, won/lost)

  • Document lead

  • Main client contact

  • Document value

  • Links to the PDF and Preview pages

Managing Your Document in HubSpot

Once your Document is created and linked in HubSpot, you can manage it directly from the deal by using the Document card. Expand the Actions menu at the bottom of the card:


The menu contains the following:


Open's Document’s Preview page, where you can view what your client will see when they open their Document link.


Opens the Document Editor, enabling you to make changes.


Opens the Document's Send page, where you can customize the message body, schedule follow-up messages, and send the Document to your prospect.


Removes this Document from your deal. It will still be available within Proposify and viewable by your prospect.


Removes the Document from your deal and archives it. Your prospect will no longer be able to view this Document.



My team requires approval before a Document can be sent. Will they be able to bypass that by using the HubSpot deal?

When someone is building a Document from HubSpot, they’ll still require approval in order to send that Document. However, they will not be able to choose who to send the approval notification to, the notification will be sent to the first person with approval privileges in your Proposify account (though anyone with approval privileges can give that approval).