Salesforce - Licensed Management Application

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Proposify’s Salesforce App Exchange App is incredibly useful for logging your sales documents with your opportunities. When it comes to integrations, things can sometimes go wrong.

Proposify can now use Salesforce’s License Management Application(LMA) to help you troubleshoot when Proposify and Salesforce aren’t communicating properly.

What is Salesforce LMA?

Salesforce LMA is a tool developed by Salesforce to provide developers of third-party software to “alias in” to a Salesforce account. This gives the developer limited access to the account to investigate and find the source of a problem.

How Proposify uses LMA

If your org is having difficulty with the Proposify app, our support team may need to dig in to your org’s settings to find if this is a settings issue or a bug. Proposify uses this application to:

  • Automatically update your Proposify Salesforce application.

  • Troubleshoot problems you’ve reported.


Some things to note:

  • Proposify will only access your Salesforce environment with your consent.

  • Proposify will not make changes to any existing opportunities, contacts, or companies.

  • Proposify will not create any new opportunities, contacts, or companies.

  • This tool can only be used by our Salesforce Implementation Specialist and members of our Salesforce App developer team.

Proposify takes your company’s confidential information seriously.

Before we peek in

If we need to alias into your account, we want to be able to test without interrupting your work. To do that, we’ll need a few things.

  • Create an opportunity and include TEST in the opportunity name.

  • Create a client and include TEST in the client name.

  • Create an account and include TEST in the account name.

Make sure to keep links to the above to make it easy for our Implementation Specialist to locate them. This gives us some material to test with while avoiding affecting the integrity of your data.

How to enable LMA access

HEADS UP: You will need to be an admin to follow these steps.

  1. First create the test objects listed above.

  2. Enter your User Profile in Salesforce.

  3. Under My Personal Information, select Grant Account Login Access

  4. Expand the dropdown menu next to proposify and select the length of time our Salesforce Implementation Specialist can have access to your account.

  5. Click Save.

That’s it! Our Implementation Specialist will have access to your account.