Link Documents To A Salesforce Opportunity

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Here's a guide on linking your proposals to opportunities in salesforce.

Proposify's integration with Salesforce is perfect for keeping your sales team on track. It syncs with fields you’ve mapped to your opportunity (including custom fields) and automatically moves the opportunity through stages based on your settings.

HEADS UP: If you have mapped Salesforce fields set as required, you will need to create your opportunity in Salesforce first and link the document to the opportunity from Document Settings.

Here’s how to create an opportunity (or link to an existing opportunity) within Proposify:

  1. From Document Settings, click Connect to a Salesforce opportunity.

    This will expand a menu on the right of your page.

  2. You will have a list of options available:
    Create a new Salesforce opportunity
    Connect to an existing Salesforce opportunity

    If this is already connected, a third option will appear Disconnect this document from a Salesforce opportunity.

  3. Click Update to save your selection.


If you’ve created a new opportunity, that’s it! We’ll take your client, proposal, and user fields and create an opportunity with those values.

That’s it! You’ve now connected your Salesforce opportunity to Proposify.