Archiving Your Documents

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Here’s a quick guide on freeing up your active documents and removing excess content.

Sometimes, you need to free up Pipeline space to make room for your other projects. Sometimes, the sale fizzles out. Sometimes, your new draft renders the original copy obsolete. Here’s how to free up space in your Pipeline so you can work on future business.

From the Pipeline

To archive documents one at a time: Hover over the target document, expand the Three-dot menu, and select Archive:

To archive a batch of documents: First, select the Checkbox next to the document: 

Then, once you have selected all the documents you would like to archive, click Archive at the top of the page:

From the Proposal Snapshot page

You can also archive your document from the Snapshot page by clicking the Archive button at the top right:

Heads Up: Ensure your prospect is done with your document before archiving it. Once you archive a document, your prospect can no longer view it with their link. However, if any of your prospects ever need to revisit an archived document, you can always restore it. 

Restoring Your Archived Documents

To restore an archived document, start by opening the Archived Proposals page from the Pipeline: 

Once in the Archives, click on the document you would like to restore. This will take you to the document’s Snapshot page. 

Once on the Snapshot page, you can restore the document by clicking Unarchive at the top: 

Heads Up: If you have an active document limit, it will prevent you from restoring if your Pipeline is full.