Client Preview Settings - Hierarchy

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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There are many places where you can set client preview settings. It can sometimes be hard to tell which settings will override others. Here’s a breakdown to help you out.

This article will start with the bottom level: Account preview settings, followed by Workplace Preview Settings and then Document Preview settings.

The Baseline: Account Client Preview Settings

You can find account Client Preview Settings on the Account Settings page:


This will set the default client preview settings for all documents created in your account. If you haven’t changed the preview settings anywhere else, the settings here will apply.

Next Step: Workplace Preview Settings

If your account includes Workspaces, then the next tier of preview settings is Workplace Preview Settings.

NOTE: The Workspaces feature is available on our Business plan. Click here for more information about our plans!

To edit the Workplace Preview Settings, head into Settings, then Workspaces:


Open your workspace and scroll down to select the checkbox for Custom client preview:


Be sure to save any changes to the Workspace page since you’ll be prompted with a warning to leave this page:


Click Ok to go to the Client Preview Settings page. Here you can change the preview settings:


This allows you to establish how the client will view any documents sent from this workspace. This will override your account preview settings.

Next level: Template Preview Settings

You can find template preview settings in the template’s Editor page. Click edit template settings on the Template Settings Menu:


Click the client preview tab to edit the preview settings for this template:


Make any changes you’d like to the settings in this panel and click save settings.

This will override your workspace and account preview settings. It works best for documents that need their own preview settings, like NDAs and sell sheets.

The Top Tier: Document Preview Settings

To change the preview settings on a specific document, click preview on the Snapshot page:


Select show preview settings on the preview bar:


When you change the document preview settings, it will override all previous settings - the Account Preview and Workplace Preview settings. Use the document preview setting when you need to make a custom change for a specific prospect.