Client Previews - FAQ

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Are updates to Client Preview live?

Not exactly. If your prospect is viewing the preview page while you are working on it, your changes will be visible once they refresh the page. 

While in a workspace, what happens if I click Use Default to undo changes to my background colour?

Use Default prioritizes the preview settings for your workspace. If the workspace lacks preview settings, it will use you’ve set in Account Settings. If you haven’t set those, Use Default will use Proposify’s default settings instead.

Can I change the font colour of my table of contents in the same way that I can change its background colour? 

We automatically set the perfect shade for your fonts that best contrast against your background colour. To maximize simplicity, we prevent font colour changes to your table of contents

Why does my horizontal document get cropped when my prospects view it using a small laptop?

To avoid making your document appear too busy, we include buffer space between the side panel and the document page. There are two ways around this: 

  1. Ask your prospect to zoom out their browser view. 

  2. Open your document’s Preview Settings and clear the checkbox labelled Show Side Panel.

This change will remove the side panel and place your document front and centre!

Why can I change my document’s background colour but not the bottom toolbar?

We keep the bottom toolbar white to contrast dark documents, simplify light documents, and make Accept & Sign easy to find. Currently, this can’t be changed.