Attach Files to Document

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Need to attach a file to your proposal?

Proposify offers tools in your Document Setting that you can use to attach a file for your prospects or your team. These tools accept a file size of 20MB and the file types allowed are:

  • CSV

  • PDF

  • Pages

  • Numbers

  • Key

  • .doc

  • .docx

  • .xls

  • .xlsx

  • .ppt

  • .pptx

  • jpg/jpeg

  • png

  • gif

If you add a file that exceeds the maximum size or isn't the allowed file type, this system will reject the file, as shown below.

If the file exceeds 20MB, you'll get an error message saying your file exceeds the maximum size of 20MB:


If you upload a file type outside what the system accepts, you'll get a message saying that the file type you tried to upload is not allowed:


When creating a new sales document, we’ll take you to the Document Settings page once you’ve chosen a template.

To reach Document Settings after a document is created, visit the snapshot of the proposal in question.

From the Snapshot, click Edit Document Settings above the Settings section of the snapshot:


If you’re in the Editor, click Edit Document Settings from the Menu Pane to open a menu without leaving the page:


First, ensure the File attachments field is turned on in your account settings.

Not sure how to do that? Check out our article on Managing Your Document Settings' Default Fields.

After filling out the required fields in document settings, scroll down to find file attachments.

Drag and drop the attachment from your computer into the dotted area, or click here to upload to open your computer's file manager and select a file:


After you’ve added the attachment, you can toggle the on/off switch under visible to clients. Leaving the toggle on will allow your client to download the attachment:


Setting the toggle to off will make this an internal attachment, only visible to you and your team.