Commenting and Mentions

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Here's a brief outline on how to get collaborating with your team and your clients in your proposals.

Teamwork makes the dream work. We make it easy for you to be able to comment in proposals, allowing you and your team to make the dream work for your company. 

Internal Comments

General Comments

You can create a general internal comment directly on the document's Snapshot page by entering text in the text box just over the Activity feed.


Once you enter your note, it will appear in the activity feed and notify the document lead: 

Page-specific internal comments:

If you want to leave a comment on a specific page and avoid notifying your client, you can do so by going into the document Editor. Click the speech bubble at the top of any page in the Editor.


A window will appear for you to insert your comment.

This will notify the document lead via email and include a notification in the Editor for all comments left: 

A comment will also appear in the activity feed: 

Any replies to a comment will appear on the same page.

External Comments

Leave an external comment

To leave a comment for your client, you can do this from the Preview page. Click the same speech bubble at the top of the page. 


When you @ mention your prospect, this will notify them and the document lead via email. Clients can use the same speech bubble to comment on each page and leave feedback for you.

Heads up! If you decide to notify the client in the comment, they will get a link to the document and the comment. Make sure to only comment in the preview page when you're ready for the client to view the document.


Disable client comments

You can disable client comments through client preview settings. To access client preview settings from the Editor, click preview to open the client preview page.

To disable client comments, click Show Preview Settings.

To disable comments on this document, click the Allow comments checkbox.


To disable this setting by default for all documents you create, go to Settings, then Client Preview.


Delete comments

To delete a comment, click the trash can (:trashbin:) at the top right of the comment.

After you confirm, this will delete the comment in both the Activity Feed and at the top of the page.


To notify a teammate who isn’t lead on the document, you can @ mention them in any comment box.