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How to store and reuse small pieces of text by using Snippets

If you often reuse a short sentence or paragraph, consider using snippets instead of creating and saving a new section to your Section Library. 

Maybe you have an intro paragraph that you want to save separately, or perhaps you thought of a great call to action or tagline you want to use regularly. Cases like these are where snippets truly shine. They save you time by preventing you from typing out the same information over and over again, and they help maintain content consistency, accuracy, and reusability across your entire account.

Note: Snippets are text only - images cannot be saved in a Snippet.

Create a Snippet

To create a snippet, use either of the following two methods:

From the Content Library (for new text)

While in the Content Library, Open the Snippets Library by Selecting Snippets in the menu just under the page title

Next, open the Snippet Editor by clicking +Snippets at the far right of the page:

To create your snippet, start by adding text into the text box and then give it a descriptive name:

(Optional) You can also format your text by using the toolbar at the top of the window:

or add tags using the tag tool at the bottom of the page (To learn more about tags, see Tagging Your Content):

Next, choose a save location for your new snippet by expanding the Save in folder dropdown menu and pick an option from the list:

Selecting the snippet folder will target your main Snippet Library. Also, selecting the Untitled folder option will target a new, untitled folder in your Snippet Library. Only folders currently present in your Snippet library will populate this list. To learn more about adding folders to your Content Library, see our Folders article.

Once you are ready, click Save:

From the Editor (For existing text)

While in the Editor, highlight the text you want to save and then open the Snippets panel by clicking Snippets:



Next, give your snippet a unique, descriptive name and click Create snippet:


You can now find your new snippet in your main Snippet Library folder in your Content Library.

Add Snippets to Your Document

First, click in a textbox where you want the snippet to go

Next, open the snippets panel by clicking Snippets at the bottom of the right-hand panel.

Then select your snippet from the list to insert it into your document at your cursor’s location:

If your snippet is in a folder, navigate to it by selecting the folder from the dropdown menu.

If you have many snippets in your account, your snippet list can get long and cumbersome. In this case, you can search for a snippet by using the search bar in the snippet panel:


Any changes you make to a snippet once it’s inserted won’t affect the copy saved to your library. To edit a snippet, you must reopen it in the Snippet Editor and overwrite the save (see Editing Snippets below for details).

Edit Snippets

First, open your snippet in the Snippet Editor by double-clicking it in your Snippet Library.

Next, edit your snippet and then click Save to confirm your changes:

For brief details regarding the various Snippet Editor features, see Creating a Snippet above.