Managing Your Table's Total

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Looking to exclude your pricing table’s total from your document’s total value and {total} variables? Or maybe you want to make your table optional and let your prospect decide if it should be in the deal. If this sounds like you, check out this short guide to learn more.

The Table Options Menu

The Table Options menu contains tools that you can use to modify how your entire table behaves:

  • Enable Dynamic Products: If your plan includes Salesforce Integration access (Teams plan or higher), enable this to automatically populate this table with Salesforce Products. This option is only visible once you’ve integrated Salesforce to your Proposify account. To get started, check out our dynamic tables article.

  • Make Optional: Adds a checkbox to your table that your prospect can use to add/remove the table total from the document Total.

  • Exclude from Proposal Total: Remove the table’s total value from the document Total.

 To open the Table Options menu, click Table Settings on the upper-left corner of your pricing table:

Optional Tables

Add some flexibility and interactivity to your pricing table by making it optional. Optional tables are identical to normal pricing tables, except they have a fancy interactive checkbox on the upper-left corner:

Your prospect can select this checkbox to add the table’s total value from the document’s total or clear it to remove the table from the deal. With this, you can create multiple optional tables with various packages of goods and services for your prospect to choose from and add to the deal. This way, you can build tiered package sets, separate your goods and services into categorized pricing packages, or design custom package sets to fit your business model.

To turn your table into an optional table, just click Make table optional from the Table Options menu:

and then select Optional table:

 Fine-tune your Optional Table by selecting or clearing the checkbox. This sets whether the table’s total will be included in the deal by default.

Exclude From Proposal Total

This feature simply subtracts the table’s total from the document total. This is useful for breaking down and explaining complicated, elaborate pricing while removing duplicates from the document total calculation. Except for tables that have exclude from proposal total active, the totals of all tables in your sales document will contribute to the document total. With this, you can build summary pricing tables or grand total tables and ensure the duplicate table totals will not contribute to the deal.

To activate, select Exclude from Proposal Total from the table’s Table Options menu: