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Looking to add some design elements to each page and aren't excited about endless copy/pasting? Here's how repeaters can save you time.

Need to keep certain design elements across all pages? Repeaters help you easily create a consistent and easily editable design structure across your document.

Repeaters are elements that, when added to one page, repeat across almost every page in the proposal. This includes textboxes, images, shapes, and lines. Every new page added will include the same repeaters.

Some ideas for repeaters are:

  • Page numbers

  • Your logo

  • Your prospect’s logo

  • Proposal name

  • Date submitted

  • Due dates

Changes to these elements will also update across the proposal/template, so you can move things around and find the best "flow".

NOTE: Cover pages will not include repeaters.

Add and Edit Repeaters

To set a repeater, enter the Proposal or Template Editor. From there, select Repeaters found in the menu pane:

This activates Repeater Mode:

Non-repeating content will be greyed out.

While in repeater mode, you can add any of the following:

  • Text boxes

  • Shapes

  • Lines

  • Images

In Repeater Mode, you can edit any repeater that already exists. Click on an element to edit it as you would for regular things. The repeater will update across every page.

Unlocking a Single Repeating Element

Sometimes you don’t want to have a repeater on a specific page. You can “unlock” repeaters on a specific page to treat it like any other element. To do that, select the repeater. A repeater icon will appear:

Select that button to see a choice of actions:


Returns you to the editor with no changes.


Removes the selected element from repeaters while leaving the other pages untouched.

Edit Repeaters

Opens Repeater Mode to edit the repeater.

Select Unlock to unlock this repeater. From now on you can move, change, or delete that one element,  without affecting the other repeaters.

HEADS UP: An unlocked element cannot be re-added to the repeaters. If you change your mind, you’ll need to delete and re-add the element in Repeater Mode.