Editable Quantities

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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One of the main keys to running a modern business is to shift as much focus on the customer as possible. This includes giving your customer the luxury of choice as much as possible. Editable Quantities gives your prospect the choice of not just what to buy, but also how much of it:

If you have edit permissions, you can make almost any row-type editable. You can set a "recommended" quantity to help get the ball rolling, giving your customer an idea of a "good amount". When your customer sets the quantity, we'll calculate it to show the correct value in the subtotal. This lets your customer see how much they're paying, and lets you keep track of your documents' value.

Editable quantity fields are only available to unit/quantity rows. Flat fee and content rows have only the name/description and subtotal fields.

Setting An Editable Quantity

To do this, we just need to have a unit/optional fee ready to go in our table, and then activate Editable Quantity in the Line Item Options Menu.

The following steps assume that you already understand how to add unit/quantity rows to your pricing table. Learn more by heading over to our Adding/Moving/Deleting Rows and Row Types articles.

To start, open Line Item Options by expanding the three-dot menu to the right of the unit/quantity row you want to modify:

From here, just select Editable Quantity at the bottom:

Editing the Default Quantity

If you'd like to keep the quantity editable, but want to start with a "recommended quantity", apply that number to the column. Whatever quantity you set in the Editor will be the default for your prospect's document.

What Editable Quantities Affect

Once you set a quantity field as editable, the value of the row will update based on the chosen quantity. When you include this table in the total, this will affect:

  • Any textbox with the {total} variable

  • The document's value in the Client Preview, Snapshot and Pipeline page

  • Any invoice made through one of our invoicing integrations

  • Your metrics page

Editable Quantities and Signatures

Once your customer signs the document, your editable quantities will be locked in. We do this so multiple signees can all sign off on the same quantities, rather than signing off on their own choices.