Client Input Forms

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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If you are a Team user (or above) our client input forms will allow you to collect that extra client information, to help you streamline the deals process.

Besides the signature, you may need to collect additional information such as a billing address, important names and dates, or frequent customer or invoice numbers.

When you include client input forms in the document, you can collect information at the same time your prospect is viewing and signing the document. This will save everyone time!

HEADS UP: We won’t allow you to collect sensitive information like bank or credit card details. Click here to learn more about why we've decided to integrate with Stripe.

Add a form

To add a client input form, click signatures and client input forms




First, assign the form to your client from the signees drop-down menu.


Then click and drag input form into place on the document. Under field name in the Element Toolbar, enter the question your client will answer in the input form.

NOTE: If you need more than one client to fill a form in the proposal, you can assign them to a second box.

Edit A Form

To make changes to an existing client input form, click the active form. The field properties menu will in the Element Toolbar. Once you’ve clicked into the form you can make edits here.


Mandatory Fields
To make this field mandatory for your client, click mark as mandatory field.

Note: We recommend placing non-mandatory fields above the signature to make it more likely it’ll be seen by the client and filled out.


Allow Multiple Lines
As a default, the form box is one continuous line.  This is perfect for getting one-word answers for any extra information. Click allow multiple lines and the form field will act similarly to a textbox. You can resize and allow for new lines.


Delete A Form

To delete a client input form, click on the form and click three-dot menu then delete.


You can also use the delete or backspace key.