Shapes and Lines

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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How to create shapes, like rectangles, squares, circles and lines.

You can’t rely on just images for your design elements. Proposify has tools that help you add some extra design elements to help your copy stand out.

Making Shapes

Depending on the kind of shape you’re looking for, the instructions are a little different. Take a look below.


To make a shape, select shapes from the right-hand toolbar:
a screenshot of the right-hand toolbar, with 'shape' highlighted. An arrow points to that tool.

From there, click and drag your cursor across the page where you would like the shape. You can also click for a simple square.


To make a circle, first make a square. Next, in the menu pane, set corners to 100.


While Proposify excels at the circle and square, Triangles get a bit more complicated. Here’s how to make one:

  1. Make a square

  2. Make another square, then change the colour of it to the background of your document.

  3. Move the “invisible” shape over the original and rotate it by clicking and dragging outside one of the corners.

You can use the arrange function to move the images to the foreground or background. Click here to read more on how to arrange your elements.

Making Lines

Lines are made from the Line tool in the right-hand toolbar:

a screen capture of the right-hand menu. The third-lowest option is highlighted and labelled 'line'.

Select this tool, then click and drag along the page to create your line. You can also click on the page to make a quick one.

To make a vertical line. First, make a horizontal line. Once made, set the rotate option to 90 to rotate the line 90 degrees.

Edit a Shape/Line

Your shape can be changed using the menu pane. Here’s a breakdown:


Sets the dimensions for your shape in pixels. You can also click/drag the corners to


Opens the colour picker menu to set the colour of your element.


On a scale of 0-100, sets the roundness of your corners.
0 - rigid and sharp.
100 - smooth and round.


Sets the value (in degrees) to rotate your shape/line.


On a scale of 0-100%, sets how easily you can see the content behind the element.
0% - the element is invisible.
100% - the element hides anything behind it.


For shapes only. Enable this option to add a border to your shape. You’ll be able to choose the border’s colour, thickness (in pixels), and style.

Delete a Shape or Line

To delete a shape or line, select it. Then press Backspace(Windows) or Delete(mac) on your keyboard. You can also expand the three-dot menu above the image and select Delete: