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Click here to read about how to add images to your document.

Design has a crucial impact to your close rate. Not only does it make your document look better, according to our own 2020 data, adding an image to your sales document can also increase your close rate by 23%. Here’s how to use Proposify to add some design flare to your document.

Import Images to Your Sales Document

There are two ways to import an image to your document: inline and free-form.

Inline images are embedded inside a textbox. Insert content above the image in the textbox and the image will move along with the text.

Free-form images can be moved by selecting and dragging them along the page. They’re separate from other elements and can cover them.

Make an inline image

To make an inline image:

  1. Select a textbox and place the blinking cursor where you would like the image to be placed.

  2. Select the Image tool from the toolbar. This will expand your Image Library.

  3. Locate the image you would like to add and select Insert.

Text Wrapping for Inline Images

Once your image is added to the text box, you can wrap text around it by selecting the image and enabling the alignment option in the menu pane:

Once enabled, any text under the image will wrap to the image’s left or right, depending on your selection: 

Make a free-form image

To make a free-form image:

  1. Select the Image tool from the toolbar. This will expand your image library.

  2. Next, locate the image you’d like to add and drag it to the page.

  3. Drag the image from the content library to your document.

Replace an image

To replace an existing image:

  1. Select the image you would like to replace.

  2. Open the image menu.

  3. Locate your new image and select replace

Screen Recording 2023-07-20 at 12.23.43 PM.gif

Pasting an image

We do support copy/pasting an image from the web to your document. Simply copy the image (right-click → copy image)and paste using ctrl+v(Windows) or cmd+v(MacOS). We’ll add the image to your document.

NOTE: Pasting an image to your document does not import it to your image library. Save your image and upload if you plan on using this image in a bunch of templates.

Editing Images

To reach the Image Editor, select the image you’d like to edit. From there, select Edit Image from the menu pane:

We go into more detail on what tools are available in the image editor. Click here for the breakdown.

Delete an Image

To delete an image from your document, select it. From there, expand the three-dot menu above the image and select Delete:

You can also select the image and press backspace/delete on your keyboard. This will remove the image from your document, but it will remain in your image library in case you need it again.