Signatures and Input Forms

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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A quick guide to adding and editing signature boxes in your document and template, and a run-down on input forms.

You've created your document, now all you need to do is make a place for your client to seal the deal. Proposify's signature tool helps you add legally binding signatures, and initials to your document.


Signatures and Initials

You can add a signature box for each client contact and person in your organization, and each will be colour-coded for easy reference. You can also add many signatures and initial boxes for one signee if you need them to acknowledge multiple areas in a contract:


Add a Signee

If you need to add a new signee to your client's organization, you can do so by clicking new contact, found in the Menu Pane after selecting a signature box: 


Once clicked, enter the first name, last name and email address of the new signing party, then click Save


This will add that person to the client contacts list in Proposify, allowing you to assign a signature box to them.


Add Signatures

To add a signature box to a document, click Signatures & Client Input Forms from the Element Toolbar: 


The Signatures menu will appear in the menu pane:


Expand the Signees menu and choose the client or user you would like to add:

NOTE: If you're working from the Section or Template Editor, you will see two signees: The document lead and the main client contact. You can add more the moment you make a document from this template.


Once you've selected your signee from the dropdown, click and drag the element to your preferred location: 


Edit Signatures

Once signature boxes have been added to your document, you can see a list of all signees on the signature pane: 


This gives a list of all contacts with a signature box within the document, as well as how many signature/initial boxes they currently have in the document. You can locate each signature box assigned to that client by clicking the arrow buttons next to the client name: 


This will highlight each successive signature box in the document, allowing you to quickly find them: 


Remove Signatures

If you've added one too many signatures, you can remove it by clicking the signature button and hitting backspace or delete on your keyboard.

HEADS UP: This will only be available if the prospect hasn't signed yet. Once an esignature is included, edits will be locked to keep your document legally binding.


Input Forms

Besides the signature, you may need to collect additional information such as a billing address, important names and dates, or frequent customer or invoice numbers.

If your account is on our Teams plan or above, our client input forms will help you collect extra client information after the prospect has signed.



When you include client input forms in the document, you can collect information at the same time your prospect is viewing and signing the document. This will save everyone time!

HEADS UP: While our input forms are secure enough to collect certain data points, we don’t have bank-level encryptions in our documents for credit card information. Because of this, we’ve blocked the ability to use this feature for that method. Click here to read about how to use our Stripe integration to collect payments from your prospects.


Add a form

To add a client input form, click signatures and client input forms:


First, assign the form to your client from the signees drop-down menu:


Then click and drag input form into place on the document. Under field name in the Element Toolbar, enter the question your client will answer in the input form:

NOTE: If you need more than one client to fill a form in the proposal, you can assign them to a second box.


Edit A Form

To make changes to an existing client input form, click the active form. The field properties menu will in the Element Toolbar. Once you’ve clicked into the form you can make edits here:


Mandatory Fields

To make this field mandatory for your client, click mark as mandatory field.

Note: We recommend placing non-mandatory fields above the signature to make it more likely it’ll be seen by the client and filled out.


Allow Multiple Lines

As a default, the form box is one continuous line.  This is perfect for getting one-word answers for any extra information. Click allow multiple lines and the form field will act similarly to a textbox. You can resize and allow for new lines:



Delete A Form

To delete a client input form, click on the form and click the three-dot menu then delete:


You can also use the delete or backspace key.