Managing Sections In the Editor

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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How to add, save, and restore sections from the Proposal or Template Editor.

Proposify makes it easy for you to manage your sections from the Section Library. Sometimes, though, you don’t want to interrupt your workflow while in the middle of a proposal. Here’s how to manage sections from the proposal or template editor.

Adding Sections

To add a new section to your proposal, select the + button found at the top of your section menu:

The section menu. An arrow points to a plus sign at the top of the menu. A tooltip labelled 'add a new section' hovers over the button.

Once selected, choose the section type (page flow/ static), import a PDF as a section, or import a section from your Content Library.  

A GIF recording of the add section menu. A cursor navigates between the 'page flow', 'static', 'import PDF', and 'section library' tabs.

To save this section to your library, select the three-dot menu next to the section’s name in the Section Menu. Next, select Save to Library.

This will save this section to your content library for use in other proposals or templates.

NOTE: You'll only see this if your assigned role allows you to add sections to the content library. Click here for more information on roles and permissions.

Saving to the Content Library

If you’ve made changes to a section, you can save those changes to the Content Library. To do this, click the three-dot menu next to the section’s name. Once expanded, select Save to Library.

Next, choose either to update the existing section in the library, or create a version by saving it as a new section:

Updating the section will replace the current version. Saving as a new section allows you to keep the original and add a new version to the Content Library.

HEADS UP: Your sections saved to the content library will be stripped of your formatting from this document. Page size, repeaters, text formatting, and table styles will default to the settings in your default template.

Importing From the Content Library

If you’re looking to pull a section from another document, you can follow the instructions above to save that update as a new section in your Content Library. 

Once you’ve saved that section, pull it to your library by selecting Section Library within your Add New Section menu. Next, locate and drag your chosen section to where you would like it placed in your document:

This will pull that section into your editor, letting you make changes without affecting the source in the content library.

Uploading A PDF As A Section

If you have something already made, you can upload any PDF up to 10MB in size and can include it in your proposal. This includes the whole document or a range of pages. We’ll convert it to an image and place it in your document, as well as the content library for future re-use. Imported PDFs are an image and can’t be edited.

To upload a PDF as a section, open the new section menu by selecting the + at the top of your Section menu:

The section menu. An arrow points to a plus sign at the top of the menu. A tooltip labelled 'add a new section' hovers over the button.

Next, select the Import PDF tab:

Drag and drop your file, or select click here to upload to open your computer's file manager. 

A confirmation window will appear showing the status of your upload (uploaded, converting, or done). From here, you can name select a page range and give your section a name.

Once complete, an image of your PDF will appear in its own section, centred in the middle of the page and matching your page size.

NOTE: The imported section will be an image, meaning that you won’t be able to make edits to the content within.

Duplicating A Section

To duplicate a section, expand the three-dot menu next to the section’s name and select duplicate. 


Once duplicated, we’ll prompt you to name the new section so you can tell it apart from the original.


Removing A Section

To remove a section, expand the three-dot menu for the section you’d like to remove, then select Delete.

We’ll ask if you’re sure you want to delete it first. Note that you will need at least one section in your document.

WARNING: If you don’t have this section backed up in your content library or in another document, it’s gone for good. If you made a mistake and deleted the wrong one, check to see if you can retrieve the section from another proposal sent out.