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Looking to add some copy to your proposal? Click here to learn about our text boxes and how to add them.

Selling a proposal without words is hard. Unless you’re a master of interpretive dance, you’re going to need some copy to get your ideas across to your clients. Our text tool helps you add copy to your proposal so you can keep the leotard at home.

Text boxes come in two varieties: Free-form and Page Flow

Page Flow


  • Embedded text boxes in every page flow section.

  • Makes a new page when text extends past the margins.

  • Can be resized in the styles and formatting menu.

  • Can’t be resized individually.

  • Great for copy-heavy sections!

  • Manually added to every page.

  • Can be resized by clicking and dragging the corner.

  • If text runs over the page margins, a new page will not be made.

  • Great for design-heavy sections.

Adding a text box to your page:

Page Flow

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To add a new Page Flow textbox, add a new page flow section. Select the + icon at the top of your section menu:

The section menu. An arrow points to a plus sign at the top of the menu. A tooltip labelled 'add a new section' hovers over the button.

Next, under the Page Flow tab, select Add:

Once you name it, you’ll have a fresh new section with a text box embedded in the middle.

If you’d like to add a new page to an existing page flow section, enter the text box and press Enter or Return on your keyboard until a new page appears.


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You can add a free-form text box by selecting Text from the right-hand toolbar: 

Once selected, click on the page where you would like the text box to appear. You can also drag across the page to set the dimensions of the text box. Here’s a quick GIF to illustrate:


Textbox Properties

When selecting a Free-form textbox, Textbox Properties will appear in your menu pane.

Here’s a breakdown of what each does:


Sets the precise dimensions for this textbox.


Opens the colour picker menu to set a background colour for your textbox.


If you’ve set a background colour, this will round the corners of your background on a scale of 0-100.
0 - Rigid
100 - Round


Rotates the text in degrees. Set this to 90 for vertical text.


Sets the transparency of your textbox.
0% - It’s invisible.
100% - It obscures everything behind it.


Enable this option to add a border to your textbox. From there, you can set the border’s colour, thickness (in pixls) and appearance.


Enable this option to set a buffer distance (in pixels) between your text and the borders of your text box.


Adds a variable in the location of your cursor. Click here to read more about variables.


Adds a snippet in the location of your cursor. Click here to read more about Snippets.

Resize Your Textbox

Page Flow

You can resize every page flow text box from the Edit Styles and Formatting menu:

A screenshot of the top of the Proposal Editor. An arrow is pointing to the 'edit styles and fomatting' button.

From the Styles and Formatting Menu, select the Page tab and enter your dimensions under margins:

The numbers are the distance, in pixels, from the edge of the page to the edge of the text box.

HEADS UP: This will update all page flow text boxes to match these dimensions. It's best to use a free-form text box if you need some individuality in this copy.

Select Save to confirm your choices and you’re all set!

Click here to learn more about the Edit Styles and Formatting menu.


There are two ways to resize a free-form text box, depending on how much precision you need.

The Precise Way

Once you select a text box, the menu pane will change to Textbox Properties. Here, you can set dimensions down to the pixel.

The Quick Way

Select your text box by clicking on it. Once selected, drag one of the corners to resize the text box.