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Melissa Gunn
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Looking to organize your content and template libraries? 

You can create some amazing content, but your team will only be able to use it if they can find it. Our folders tool helps you sort, organize and set permissions for your work. That way your team can find what they need fast.

Navigate Folders

You can find and create folders in the template and content libraries. Folders are located above your content, under the search bar:


Double-click a folder to open it. Once you open a folder, you’ll see your folder list on the left:


You can navigate back to the main folder by selecting the link at the top of the folder list:


Create Folders

To create a new folder, select new folder:


Your new folder will appear on the right. Name the new folder and select accept name:


You can also press enter/return on your keyboard to save the name.

If you’d like to create a sub-folder, open the folder you’d like to insert this into. Once inside, select new folder:


This will create a folder within the folder you’ve opened. Your sub-folders can go as deep as four levels. We recommend keeping your library 3 folders deep at most. Any more and your team may need a map to navigate your directories.

Editing Folders

To edit a folder, select the three-dot menu located on the right:


The menu gives you three options:

  1. Rename: use this option to change the name of your folder.
  2. Permissions: This option is only available to the top-level folders. Use this to assign the contents of this folder to a workspace. You can also set waterfall permissions to set view and edit rules to everything inside a folder.
  3. Delete: Use this option to remove the folder and all contents within.


WARNING: Deleting a folder cannot be undone. Make sure you clear out anything you’ll need in the future. Got this warning too late? Here’s an article on how to recover a deleted section.

Moving Content To Folders

To move content to a folder drag the item to the folder you would like to move it to. You can also use the checkboxes to select and move items in batches:


You’ll see a confirmation appear at the top of the page letting you know the move was successful.