Element Locking

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Proposify encourages personalizing a document to suit your prospect. Some things should remain sacred, though. Design is important and accidental moves, edits, or deletes can waste time trying to fix. The lock tool prevents users from selecting an element without unlocking first. Anyone with edit access can unlock, but now they have to mean it. This keeps your content secure until you want to make a change.

HEADS UP: Locking an element will only work for people entering the Editor. Avoid editing the same document with others at the same time.


Locking A Top Layered Element

Top-layered elements are ones that are on top of a bunch of other elements, or on a page by itself. Here, we have an image on top of a white circle, a purple triangle image, and slightly overlapping a textbox:


To lock a top-layered element, select the element to highlight it. Then, select the padlock icon at the top of the selection box:


You can also right-click any element and select lock:


Once locked, a red padlock will appear in the center of your selection:


Locking A Lower-Layered Element

What if you wanted to prevent your reps from moving that white circle behind this image? To do that, right click above that circle, then expand select layer:


This will show a list of elements layered over where the right-click occurred. Select the padlock icon next to the shape:


That’s it. Now your element is locked and can no longer be selected, your reps can customize the front image without affecting what’s underneath.


Unlocking An Element

NOTE: Depending on the permissions set for your role, you may not be able to unlock an element.


To unlock an element, hover over it and select the red padlock icon that appears in the middle:


This permanently unlocks this element, allowing you to edit, move, or delete it. Make sure to lock it again if you want to prevent future edits, though.

If the element is below something, you can also unlock from the select layer submenu:


If the padlock in this submenu is grey, then it is unlocked. If it is blue, that element is locked.