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You may have a business that has multiple branches. Or, maybe you’re a single business with hands in many markets. In these cases, you probably need to have different domains, templates, and contact details.

Workspaces act as a "sub-account" within Proposify. With workspaces, you can create a separate space in your account with separate branding features. It's a great way to separate sales teams within your organization, include a separate business in the same account, or manage franchises.

In a rush? Here’s what this article covers:

Navigating To Workspaces

The Workspaces menu can be found in Account Settings, under Workspaces:

Workspace Settings

Once in the page, select an existing workspace to edit it. To create a new workspace, select +add workspace above the existing workspaces list:

Settings Breakdown

Whether you’re editing an existing workspace or adding a new one, you'll be directed to Workspace Settings: 

Workspace Name

This is a mandatory, internal-only field which helps you identify this workspace in Proposify. 

Custom Logo

Sets a different logo than one set in your Company Info.

Custom Company Name

Changes the {company_name} variable for this workspace. Sets a different company name than one found in Company Info. For example, Burger King could use the Hungry Jacks company name if they needed a workspace for their Australian office.

Custom Address

Changes the address-related variables for this workspace. Sets a different address than the one in Company Info. Use this if this workspace is a different branch.

Custom Domain

Changes the preview links to the domain set in this field, rather than the one in Domains. Helps if your website for this workspace is different from your head office website.

Custom Email Design

Changes the email domain for this workspace if you use custom email addresses.

Custom Currency

Sets the default currency or currency format for this workspace.

Custom Client Preview

Sets the default client preview settings for this workspace. This can be overwritten by template preview settings.

Allow other workspaces to see this workspace’s content

Sets the default view privileges for users outside of this workspace. 

If this option is disabled, all new content created under this workspace will be hidden outside of this workspace. 

NOTE: This will not override any Permissions settings currently in place, or if the permissions are changed manually.


Assign Users to Workspaces

At the bottom of the page, you'll find the tool to assign users to this workspace. 

You can open each workspace and assign users by selecting the arrow next to their name. Select the X icon to return them to their previous workspace.