Language & date formatting

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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Internationalization and how to set up defaults for client preview language settings and how dates are formatted

Supported Languages

Do some of your clients speak a language other than English? You can choose from one of 15 different languages to allow clients to see a translated interface.

We support the following languages:

  1. Danish

  2. Dutch

  3. English

  4. Finnish

  5. French

  6. German

  7. Greek

  8. Hindi

  9. Italian

  10. Norwegian

  11. Polish

  12. Portuguese

  13. Russian

  14. Spanish

  15. Swedish

Set the Language in Preview

To change the language settings for a specific document, enter the document’s Preview and click Show Preview Settings:

Under General settings, expand the dropdown under Select language and select a language from the list.


Once selected, the preview will reload and all interface elements will show your chosen language.


NOTE: This will only translate items you can’t change in the Document Editor. Things like the document’s title, section names, and other things you can change in the Document Editor will need to be translated manually.

Date Formatting

In the preview settings you can also select a date format from the drop down. This will let you decide what separates month, day and year ( / - .) and what order each appear in.

This will automatically change generated dates in all newly created proposals, and any date variables you've used in a proposal, to use the format you've selected.

When you edit preview settings for a proposal, only that particular proposal changes, it won't change the settings in other proposals.

If you want to set the default proposal settings at an account wide level, go into the settings. See Client Preview Settings.