Remove A User

Melissa Gunn
Melissa Gunn
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The goodbye card has been passed along, everyone’s said their farewells, fond memories (and cake) were shared. You’ve now got the final task to do for a leaving employee: removing logins. 

Deleting a user won't result in the immediate removal of a seat.
For seat management, navigate to the Billing settings in the Settings tab.
Remember: no changes will take effect in the middle of the billing cycle; they will be implemented in the next billing cycle.

Step 1 - Delete Your User

To remove a user, navigate to the Users page by selecting users from the navigation bar:



From there, hover your cursor over the user you would like deleted, then select delete:


HEADS UP: You’ll only see this option if you are an admin or assigned a role that allows adding and deleting users.

Step 2 - Reassign Active Proposals

You’ll be prompted to confirm your decision.



In this confirmation message you’ll be prompted to:

  • Assign any active documents to another user. 

  • Confirm any roles that require this user’s approval before sending their documents. The new approving role will be set to admins. 

If this user has active signature buttons, the reassign dropdown will only include users assigned to roles that can sign documents. Read more about our roles and permissions feature here.

Step 3 - Confirm Your Decision

Once you’re ready, select continue, then confirm your choices both for deleting this user and re-assigning these active documents.

Users 2024-03-22 at 1.47.05 PM.jpg


If this user doesn’t have any active documents, then you’ll go straight to the last pop-up. This one asks you to confirm your decision to remove this user:

This decision is final and cannot be recovered. Make sure you’re very sure about removing this user before selecting yes, delete.

That’s it! We’ll delete this user and they’ll no longer have access to your account.