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Looking to improve the organization of your Pipeline? See how streams can help.

Sometimes, it’s just practical to keep certain documents separate. Whether you want to keep your contracts apart from your sell sheets, keep your internal documents separate, or keep your Won and Lost documents out of the way, with Streams, we’ve got you covered.

Streams function as separate, customizable Pipelines, helping you sort your documents according to your preferences. You can also use streams to sort metrics and set which documents automatically create new CRM entries.

To start, find your streams at the top of your Pipeline, above your Draft documents:


Add Streams

To add a stream, click Add stream at the top of your Pipeline:

Your new stream will appear to the right of the others. Name it and click the Checkmark right of the text field:

That’s it! Your new stream is ready to go. You can have up to 20 streams in your Pipeline at once.

Edit And Delete Streams

First, access the Stream Editor by hovering over the counter next to the stream name and click Edit

To rename a stream, just delete the text, enter a new name and click the Checkmark to save.

To delete a stream, click Delete:

Then, a message will appear asking if you’re extra-sure that you want to delete this stream:

Click Yes, delete to confirm you’re extra-super-sure and that stream is history. Once you delete a stream, the documents it contained return to the Proposals stream.

Heads Up: You can’t delete or rename the Proposals stream. It remains as-is so documents still have a home if you delete their stream.

Move Documents To A Stream

You can move documents to a stream using either of the following two methods:

  1. Drag-and-drop your document into your chosen stream:

  2. You can also move a document to a specific stream from its Document Settings page. Click Show All Options to reveal additional settings:

Select your preferred stream from the dropdown menu:

Instead of manually moving your newly created document from the main pipeline to a stream every time, just enter the stream and then click +Proposal. Once created, Your new document will be automatically added to the stream.